Keeping Kids Safe, Healthy, and Strong

Family life can be challenging, and it’s important to have somewhere reliable to turn when you have questions.

Parent Trust for Washington Children offers unique solutions for the entire family through effective, free or low cost classes, workshops and coaching.

With almost 40 years experience and partnerships across the state, Parent Trust is a respected, dependable source of education and support for parents, caregivers, children, teens and the professional community.

Meet Morgan, an advocate for love and hope after a childhood of neglect and abuse.  Donate Now >> to reach other families just like Morgan’s.

Morgan loves her 2-year old daughter Raisa. She wants Raisa to really know love and feel loved. Yet, Morgan’s own childhood haunted her.

At 16 and homeless, Morgan ran away to Seattle. She fell headfirst into numerous tragic circumstances. She was jailed followed by long-term recovery treatment. Morgan was finally at a good place, then relapsed. That was when she got pregnant. After almost losing her baby, she resolved to get healthy and keep her baby.

Morgan was determined to build a positive support team. She reached Parent Trust’s Families In Recovery Group with other recovering parents who welcomed her without judgment, extending their support and open arms.  (read full story online)

She thanks Parent Trust… “.. for helping me be kind to myself.
I love my daughter and our life today, and that is because of this group.”

She learned how to keep baby Raisa safe, and is learning how children grow and develop. Now she celebrates the daily successes of parenting and vents her frustrations with this support team. She’s building strong lasting relationships.

Morgan isn’t numb anymore. She’s creating a loving and healthy home for her daughter. They are growing and thriving. She is determined that her daughter will not experience the tragic neglect and abuse that she barely survived.

Morgan is speaking out. Join her and Give Now >> to help us provide real-world solutions for families to break the cycle of abuse and neglect.