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The Great Starts Guide

The Great Starts Guide is a FREE consumer guide, which includes articles on the different types of childbirth providers and birth places, summaries of recommendations on what policies, services and intervention rates expectant parents should look for, and survey responses and quotes from new parents about how they feel about the care they received. Download the Great Starts Guide (non-localized version) here >>.

There is also a special local version of the Guide for King County, Washington. Every few years, we survey local hospitals, birth centers, and midwifery practices to learn more about their policies, services, and intervention rates. An administrator from the service (e.g. head nurse of obstetrics at a hospital) completes the survey. In the interest of transparency, we’re making all our data available to you here. You can also look up more details on individual providers than is available in the report in the Guide. The raw data is the first worksheet in each of these spreadsheets: hospitals’ responses, birth centers, nurse-midwives, and out-of-hospital midwives. We’ve reviewed recommendations for maternity care practices from a wide range of organizations and researchers, and used them to develop ranking criteria which allow expectant parents to compare between their options for caregivers. For example, parents can compare ranks for how well a service supports non-drug comfort techniques, or whether they work to avoid unnecessary interventions. We are not advocating for any particular choice in caregiver or birthplace. We are giving parents the information they need to guide them in asking their own questions about what option is best for them. Download the Great Starts Guide for King County with results from our local survey here >>.

We offer the Great Starts Guide free of charge so that everyone can access this vital information. However, it does take many long hours of work to create the Guide, so we ask you to consider a donation of $10 to Parent Trust to help support this project and other work by our agency.