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Class Baby's First Year

Conscious Fathering: Baby’s First Year

Education + Skills = Fathering With Confidence

Now that your baby is born, their first year of life can be a blur of activity and milestones. Baby’s First Year is your next step in learning the Conscious Fathering program’s successful Parenting C.P.R. framework and how it applies to the first 12 months of life. Even if you didn’t attend Conscious Fathering: Skills for New Dads before your child’s birth, Baby’s First Year will help you maximize every moment you spend with your child.

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Class Topics

The class will help you prepare for what your baby is learning and how they are learning.

You will gain practical, hands-on skills such as understanding how your baby’s brain and senses develop, how their large and fine motor skills begin to emerge and how you and your partner can work as a team to nurture your baby’s growth and development.

Baby’s First Year emphasizes skills and knowledge that you can use immediately. This program has been developed by the experts who created Conscious Fathering, one of the largest prenatal classes for expectant fathers in the US.


Time/Place: > Baby’s First Year is a series of quarterly workshops. Each session is 1 ½ hours and cover 3 month’s of baby’s development.

Classes meet at Parent Trust for Washington Children’s Center for Strong Families in the Rainier Valley neighborhood of Seattle.

Our Instructors

Bernie Dorsey and Matt Edwards >>