The class allows you to be mindful of your relationship & begin practicing useful techniques ... before baby arrives

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Becoming Parents Program„¢

Committing to our children by committing to each other

The Becoming Parents Program„¢ is a rigorously tested and effective program that equips pregnant couples and new parents for the predictable challenges of parenthood. This national program is available for the first time through Parent Trust for Washington Children.

Research shows that children do the very best in life when their parents have made their couple relationship a priority. The Becoming Parents Program„¢ equips expecting and new-parent couples with skills, information, and support for strong relationships and the best parenthood experience possible, thereby creating a strong and resilient nest in which their children can thrive. The program will prepare expecting and new parent couples to:

  • Parent effectively as a team
  • Successfully add parenthood to all that you do
  • Take time for yourself without guilt
  • Reduce the risk of post-partum depression
  • Become an expert on your new baby
  • Keep your couple relationship alive and growing

There’s so much to think about when getting ready for a new baby. Preparing an environment that is not only physically safe, but emotionally healthy is very important. In the rush to “ready the nursery” expecting parents often forget to prepare the most important part of the child’s nest: their couple relationship. Take the time €“ now €“ to gain the information, skills and support needed for the most important job you’ll ever have by enrolling in the Becoming Parents Program„¢.

As participants in Becoming Parents Program„¢, you and your partner will:

  • Attend nurse-facilitated workshops on understanding your baby
  • Gain skills to strengthen and prepare your relationship for parenthood
  • Learn research-based tools to foster optimal infant development, maintain self, and stay strong as a couple


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Class Topics Include

*This is a sample of class topics. The program addresses a wide range of information appropriate for new parents, expecting couples, and folks thinking about having a baby.

Couple Relationships

  • Learn the key tools for lasting relationship success
  • Talk so your partner will listen€¦ and listen so your partner will talk
  • Manage conflict so it doesn’t manage you
  • Keep friendship, fun, and intimacy alive after baby


  • Get sleep, why it’s so hard for new parents and how to do it well
  • Manage the stresses of new parenthood
  • Balance the demands of work and family

Don’t go it alone

  • Understand the impact of support on health outcomes for baby and parents
  • Reduce your risk for postpartum depression and anxiety
  • Establish a support network that works for you

“Owner’s Manual” for Your Baby

  • Understand your baby’s behavior
  • Comfort and soothe your baby and successfully deal with crying
  • Help your baby sleep longer (which means you will, too)
  • Identify when your baby is hungry
  • Stimulate your baby’s growth and development



This series meets weekly, either for nine weekday evenings (from 7-9 pm) or for six Sunday mornings (9:30am-12:30pm). You can take the series any time before your baby’s birth, or within the first 6 months after your baby is born.


This class is offered at our Center for Strong Families on Rainier Ave S. in Seattle. map and directions >>


Call (206) 789-0883 or register online >>


  • Is the Becoming Parents Program„¢ right for me?
  • Do I have to be a first-time parent to participate?
  • Do I have to be married to attend the Becoming Parents Program„¢ workshop?
  • We are a gay/lesbian couple; can we participate?
  • My partner and I are adopting a baby, is the Becoming Parents Program right for us?
  • Does Becoming Parents Program„¢ replace traditional childbirth prep classes?

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Our Instructors

Becoming Parents Program„¢ instructors for Parent Trust are among the most experienced in the country. All are registered nurses with specific knowledge and significant experience working with a range of couples on the transition to parenthood as part of a national research project.

Jenn Blake, BSN, RN
Becoming Parents Program„¢ Master Instructor

Jenn Blake is a registered nurse with an extensive background in working with expectant families. She is a graduate of University of Colorado with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and nursing.

As a registered nurse, Jenn has experience in perinatal settings including labor and delivery, postpartum, and childbirth education. With over two years of experience in instructing and facilitating Becoming Parents Program„¢ workshops, she has a strong passion for educating couples about their new babies, as well as providing communication techniques to support them in their couple relationship. She provided comprehensive case management to more than 60 couples, and is excited about the opportunity to continue supporting families as they add a new baby to their family.

Appalachia Martine, BSN, RN, CD
Becoming Parents Program„¢ Master Instructor

Appalachia Martine is a University of Washington graduate with degrees in nursing and zoology. She has always focused on reproductive health whether in the science lab, classroom, or bedside with her clients. Her passion as a nurse has been health education and wellbeing through the perinatal period and the transition to parenthood. She has also worked with laboring families as a birth doula for the last ten years and has had many opportunities to teach childbirth education to couples in the Seattle area.

Appalachia is dedicated to working with couples to strengthen their relationships through improved communication, self care, and deepening commitment to one another €“ this has informed her life both professionally and personally. She believes that sharing these very important skills and providing families with the information, support, and encouragement they need, will help their children develop optimally during the crucial early years of life.

Barb Richards, BSN, RN, CTACC
Becoming Parents Program„¢ Master Instructor

The focus of Barb Richards’ extensive nursing career has always been on families in the child-bearing years. A graduate of Pacific Lutheran University, her experience includes work as a pediatric intensive care nurse, school nurse, childbirth educator, lactation consultant, home birth attendant, and public health nurse. She dedicated over 15 years to Maternity Support Services (MSS) and home visit nursing, supervising a team of nurses at the largest private MSS clinic in King County. For the last eight years, she has traveled throughout the United States and Canada providing two-day workshops for healthcare professionals and para-professionals on Promoting Maternal Mental Heath in Pregnancy for NCAST at the University of Washington. In her most recent full-time position, she worked for the Becoming Parents Program, Inc. facilitating workshops and supervising the staff of nurses responsible for providing the program as part of a large-scale federal research project. Working with Becoming Parents Program, Inc. and integrating BPP’s emphasis on the health of the couple (as opposed to only the health of the expectant mother) was a turning point in her nursing career. She loves teaching the workshops and interacting with the couples and is looking forward to continuing that engagement through Parent Trust.

Emma H. Spohn, BSN, RN
Becoming Parents Program„¢ Master Instructor

Emma Spohn is a Seattle University graduate with a BSN who has worked as a high-risk labor and delivery nurse at two city hospitals (St. Luke’s Roosevelt, New York City and University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle).

With a passion for teaching and interacting with couples outside the hospital setting, Emma has taught prenatal education series at the University of Washington Medical Center and numerous Becoming Parents Program„¢ workshops while providing comprehensive case management to couples. She believes that Becoming Parents Program„¢ is as important for expectant and new parents as prenatal education courses and is fascinated with the complexities of how our relationships with partners change when a baby is added into a family