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Breastfeeding Class

If you are planning to breastfeed, or even if you are just considering the option of breastfeeding, this class will give you the tools you need to get your baby off to a healthy start. Partners are strongly encouraged to attend with the expectant mom: studies have consistently shown that the partner’s support and informed assistance with breastfeeding helps to ensure success. NOTE: If you are taking a comprehensive Birth and Parenting Preparation series of 3 weeks or longer, this class will be included.

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Class Topics:

This class it covers all the basics of breastfeeding:

  • Why breastfeed: The benefits for baby, mom, and more
  • How breastfeeding works: anatomy and physiology
  • How to breastfeed: positioning and latch
  • How much to breastfeed: how often to feed, how to know baby is getting enough
  • How to continue to breastfeed: predicting, preventing, and coping with common challenges
  • How to take care of yourself while breastfeeding
  • Basics of pumping and storing milk
  • How partners can support breastfeeding moms, and be involved parents



Location: This 2.5-hour class is offered at several locations, including our classrooms in the Rainier neighborhood of Seattle and in Mountlake Terrace, Northwest Hospital in North Seattle, UW Medicine’s Roosevelt and Northgate clinics, Group Health facilities in Capitol Hill and Bellevue, and at Valley Medical Center in Renton.

Cost: $45 per pair (NOTE: This class is included in all comprehensive Birth and Parenting Preparation series that are 3 weeks in length or longer).

Our Instructors

This class is taught by one of our certified lactation educators. Our lactation educators have hundreds or thousands of hours of experience with working with moms and babies with breastfeeding challenges. Most are IBCLC certified – the gold standard in the field.

Additional Resources

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