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Class Diapering Choices

Diapering Choices 101

These are not your Grandma’s diapers! This class is for expectant and new parents who want to learn about healthier, eco-conscious and cost-saving ways to diaper your baby.

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Class Topics

Did you know that diapering one baby in disposables will cost $2,000-$3,000 and put 8,000 diapers in the landfill? In our Diapering Choices 101 class, you will learn all you need to begin using modern cloth or hybrid diapering systems. You will have the chance to see, feel and practice with dozens of kinds of cloth diapers, learn to differentiate between styles, and figure out which diaper is best for your lifestyle. We will also teach the basics of Elimination Communication (how to teach your baby to use the toilet early!) and provide you with the resources to find the most cost-effective way to diaper.

Parents will also learn:

Why reusable diapers are not only better for the environment, but better for your baby’s health

  • How to care for, wash and maintain your own diapers
  • The most common causes for diaper rash, and how to avoid it
  • All about Diaper Service
  • How to cloth-diaper your baby on the go and while traveling
  • The Top 5 tips to prevent leaks, blowouts and diaper disasters
  • How to diaper your boy vs. how to diaper your girl


Time / place: This class is 2 hours long, and is taught approximately 4-5 times/year at Northwest Hospital and at UW Physicians’ Roosevelt Clinic.

To register for the class, you can use our online registration system >> or call (206)789-0883. The $40 class fee includes attendance of up to 2 adults, and babes-in-arms (up to 6 months of age).

Our Instructor

Diapering Choices 101 is taught by Natalie Velush, known by parents as Seattle’s “Diaper Lady.” Natalie owns the local cloth-diaper shop Punkernoodle Baby, has taught diaper classes for three years and has successfully cloth diapered for 6 years.