Parent Trust has helped me with my stress and anger levels. Now my children and I spend better quality time together. We are not so focused on the negative but the positive and we discuss situations without yelling or getting out of control.

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Community Programs

Real World Solutions for Real Families
Being a parent isn’t easy… kids don’t come with instructions! If you are parenting a child, from newborn to age 18, and living in Washington state, whether you are:

  • A single mom or dad
  • Partnered
  • A grandparent
  • A relative caregiver
  • A foster parent

…Parent Trust offers you community programs that really work.

Whether in a group setting or a public or private facility, trained staff can empower you to identify your problems and find solutions for everyday real life challenges.

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Community Programs: Parent Education & Support Groups

Circle of Parents®: This program of mutual help parent education and support groups is where mothers, fathers and other caregivers can share ideas, celebrate successes and address the challenges of parenting in a non-judgmental setting. Groups are…more information >>

Families In Recovery: Our groups give recovering parents/caregivers a place to talk with other parents who understand and can help find solutions to the very real problems real parents face…more information >>