This class was very helpful, well organized, and I felt like it covered everything I needed to know. I feel much more comfortable and prepared after having taken the class.

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Expectant & New Parent Services

The Expectant and New Parent Services provide parent education in a variety of settings.  Please scroll down for information about:

  • The Great Starts™ Program
  • The Conscious Fathering™ Program

The Great Starts™ Program

This program offers classes at locations throughout King and Snohomish Counties. Classes cover:

  • pregnancy,
  • childbirth preparation,
  • newborn care,
  • infant health and safety,
  • and more!

These classes provide parents with the unbiased information they need to make the choices that are right for their family.

At Great Starts™ we believe that learning about birth empowers expectant parents, builds confidence about the upcoming birth, and helps you have a safe and satisfying birth experience. We believe that learning about newborn care and early parenting helps families get off to a great start.

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The Conscious Fathering™ Program

This program offers Skills for New Dads classes at locations in Washington State, plus over 20 locations nationwide. These classes help expectant and new fathers connect with their babies from Day One by keeping their babies comfortable, and having a plan for “when everything goes wrong.”

At Conscious Fathering™we know all men are partners in parenting. Our goal is to help new dads begin their journey to fatherhood with an understanding of basic childcare skills and a philosophy that will last a lifetime.  more information >>