Children’s Books

Literacy is essential

Literacy is essential not just for academic success, but for success at work, at home and in the community. Promoting reading in your home helps your child succeed!

  • Reading encourages language development.
  • Reading to your child promotes listening skills
  • Reading supports an increasing attention span
  • And most of all, reading is fun!!!

If your child doesn’t like to read, you might explore the following:

parent reading to childAre they having trouble reading? Have they been tested for dyslexia or other learning disabilities?

Have you thought about limiting TV and computer time to increase the time they can devote to reading?

Are you allowing your child to pick books they are interested in? Educational books are great, but reading for pleasure is just as important as reading to learn.

Do you read? A parent’s reading habits affect a child’s reading habits. If you read, it’s more likely your children will read.