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Family Fun Ideas

Family Fun Time can help your family to know each other better, feel more connected to each other, and decrease stress in your home. Children who feel like their parents really like to spend time playing with them are more likely to make friends, do well in school, follow their parents rules (most of the time!).

Cereal Box Puzzle >>
How Well Do You Know Your Family? >>
Jump Rope >>
Matching Game >>
My Favorites Disc >>
Paint The Yard >>
Road Trips >>
Ten Fun Things >>
Snow Dough >>
Music and Fun >>

Arts & Crafts
Coffee Filter Art >>
Crowns >>
Egg Carton Art >>
Magnets >>
Instruments >>
Painted Rocks >>
Painted Butterflies >>
Paper Chains >>
Stained Glass >>
Stick Puppets >>
Painting With Ice Cubes >>
Snowflakes >>

How To Have Fun Strategies
Are We Having Fun Yet? >>
Enjoying Your Child >>
Playing Games Strategies >>
Remembering The Good Times >>