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Preventing Preterm Birth

Recommended for all expecting families, especially anyone at risk for preterm labor - including those who have a history of preterm delivery or are expecting multiples.

Register online >> or call (206)789-0883.

Class Topics:

Understanding preterm birth and how every week counts in baby's development; risk factors for, and reducing the risk of preterm labor, recognizing warning signs, treatment of preterm labor, and care for premature babies.


Time/Place: This class is offered approximately once a month, in 2.5 hour classes at UW Medicine's Northgate Clinic or a 2 hour class at Parent Trust Center for Strong Families in South Seattle.

When to take this class: Any time in the second trimester (14-24 weeks); those at increased risk should take the class early in their second trimester.

Cost: $30/couple (NOTE: This class is included in the Expecting Multiples series.) Scholarships available on request.

Our Instructors

Sheryl Rasmussen, RN >> is a childbirth educator and Labor and Delivery nurse at the University of Washington Medical Center. She has been teaching this class for expectant couples for almost a decade.

Janelle Durham,MSW >> is a birth doula, childbirth educator and Great Starts instructor trainer and curriculum designer. Janelle's third child was unexpectedly born four weeks before his due date, giving her first-hand experience with preterm birth and caring for a premature baby.