Great Starts™ Childbirth Educator Certification

Formerly known as the Childbirth Education Association of Seattle, our program builds on more than 60 years worth of experience training and certifying high quality childbirth educators.  It is a rich history that can't be matched. 

Benefits of Great Starts™ Certification:

  • Credentials that can be trusted as meeting high standards
  • Access to advanced continuing education training not available to the public
  • Access to world-class mentors
  • Simple one-time fee, no on-going membership dues
  • Certify with the only childbirth education association program based in the PNW
  • Potential to work for Great Starts Program teaching our pregnancy, birth, and parenting classes to expectant families in the greater Seattle area.

The Great Starts™ Certification Process:

  • Attending a Childbirth Educator's Training with 20 or more hours of instruction that includes practice teaching sessions
  • Observing two or more births
  • Observing three different certified instructors teaching childbirth education classes for a minimum of 18 hours total instruction time.
  • Co-teaching with a certified lead instructor one full series of 12 or more hours (or documenting a minimum of 120 hours previous experience teaching childbirth classes in group settings for a minimum of 50 families total)
  • Teaching a class series (12 hours min) as the lead instructor (solo) while being observed and evaluated by a certified childbirth instructor
  • Passing the Great Starts™ Exam ($200, effective July 1, 2014; includes Great Starts™ Study Guide)
  • Paying a certification process fee ($150).

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