Partnership and collaboration are some of the most important ways any family service agency can improve its programs and reach the widest number of families possible.

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How to Start A Program

Is there a Parent Trust Program you're interested in but can't find it in your area? Find out more about how to get a program started in your community.

Scroll down to find information about how to start a:
  • Circle of Parents Program
  • Conscious Fathering Program
  • Great Starts Program

How to Start a Circle of Parents Parent Group

Parent Trust for Washington Children has Circle of Parents groups in several locations in the state. We offer the following services, free of charge, for partner agencies (social service agencies, public or private schools, churches, organizations, health care facilities, etc.):
  • Parent Trust for Washington Children Program Orientation
  • Circle of Parents Parent Group Facilitation Trainings
  • Parent Leadership Trainings
  • Children's Program Facilitation Trainings
  • Training Materials
  • Parenting Handouts
  • Ongoing Technical Assistance
  • Outcomes Evaluation

Learn more about the Circle of Parents Program >>
Learn more about the Children's Group >>

For more information, contact:
Thelma Dirkes
State Program Director
206-233-0156, ext. 222


How to Start a Conscious Fathering Program

Washington Children's Conscious Fathering™ Program license is a proven way to engage expectant fathers in the lives of their children from Day One. At Conscious Fathering™ we know all men are partners in parenting. Our goal is to help new dads begin their journey to fatherhood understanding basic childcare skills and a philosophy that will last a lifetime.

Now you can bring Conscious Fathering™ to your community through our license package.The license includes the curriculum, certification for up to two instructors and all the training needed to present this very successful program to the "soon to be" fathers in your area.

License package details >>

For more information, contact:
Eric Bruckbauer
Program Assistant
206-233-0156, ext. 250


How to Start a Great Starts Childbirth Education Program

For hospitals in Western Washington, Great Starts offers a full childbirth education program: We can handle hiring, training, class development, class registration, and more for your hospital.

For hospitals outside of Western Washington, we offer personalized consulting services to help you develop or re-vamp your childbirth education services.

For more information, contact:
Audrey Cherney 
Great Starts Program Coordinator
206-233-0156, ext. 233