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Meet Phaalen

“Parent Trust gives me another chance at being the mother I only once dreamed of being.” -- Phaalen

Who kept you safe when you were a child?

Maybe for you it was a parent?  Maybe it was your grandparent or other family member.  Or, maybe you had no one at all and you know how important that one person is.

Phaalen wasn’t kept safe

Phaalen didn’t feel like she fit in when she was growing up. She felt isolated and longed for attention. Her father committed suicide when she was 6. All she knew was her Mom didn’t focus on her. Phaalen’s Mom didn’t keep her safe or away from drugs.

Phaalen was stressed, alone and aching to be loved.

By the time she was 15, Phaalen was an addict and had a son who never took a breath. “I was a lost child losing a child.”

She was devastated and didn’t recover. She tried to forget it ever happened. “I acted like a child, knowing what I was doing was wrong.”

Her mom died. Then Phaalen had 3 children. She was bewildered, lost and scared. Her addiction got worse and she spiraled out of control. Her kids were taken from her. She hit bottom. Phaalen knew she had to get her stuff together if she ever had a hope of seeing her children again.

Phaalen didn’t know how to be the good Mom that she longed to be.

She’d never had a good example. She’d never had a strong family bond. And she’d never received the love she so desperately craved. She had let her kids down, and herself down too.

But where could Phaalen go to find the help she needed?  She found it with Parent Trust, where she entered our Families In Recovery Program.

Today Phaalen is learning how to keep her kids safe and how to build strong family bonds with a strong support system. She’s tackling her drug problems head-on, one day at a time.

And she’s breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect she had known as a child, so her kids will grow up safe, strong and loved.

Being a parent is tough! Once problems arise it can be difficult to ask for help. Often individuals are aware they need guidance but aren’t sure where to start or how to ask for help. Parent Trust helps keep families safe.

Will you help make sure the next Phaalen’s children are not neglected, overlooked, and alone growing up?

Please let her know you believe in her. That you have her back. Your generous gift today will do just that.

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On behalf of Phaalen we thank you for being a part of the Parent Trust family!

With gratitude,

Mark Buckley
Executive Director