FHL Outcomes

Proven to decrease callers’ stress and increase parenting skills and knowledge.

Achievement Rate Goal: 70% of participants will have a minimum increase of 10% or more in confidence/knowledge. Participants show significant increases in risk-reducing Protective Factors:

Chart 4a. Family Help Line Achievement Rate 2007– 2020 N=1,130

Chart 4b. Family Help Line Effectiveness Data, N=1,130
The numbers in this chart represent points on a 10-point scale.
(0 points = 0% skills/knowledge and 10 points = 100% proficiency in skills/knowledge.)

Callers participating in the evaluation reported a:

  • 48% decrease in stress after the FHL call.
  • 32% increase in family management skills (positive parenting techniques).
  • 30% increase in knowledge on healthy communication/ interactions with family members.
  • 45% increase in knowledge of available resources/supports.
  • 45% increase in confidence to self-advocate