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Baby Diaper Service’s Parenting Toolkit, exclusively by Parent Trust

This is the added value package exclusively for Baby Diaper Service customers.

You’ve started a new chapter of life. As your family grows, you encounter many new experiences, choices, and challenges.

Baby Diaper Service cares and wants to assist you to have the resources and information you need to be the best parent you can be.

Parent Trust cares and listens

Parent Trust is Washington’s leading parent coach and family support services provider. For 40 years we’ve learned to listen and adapt to families and provide real-world solutions to help support each family.

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When you Sign-Up you reach a Parent Trust coach who is dedicated to Baby Diaper Service customers. You’ll get your toolkit by return Email with a direct contact number to reach your Coach.

All of Parent Trust Coaches offer:

Parent support with no judgment
Positive Parenting techniques
Stress reduction

Nipuna, a Mother of three, a post-partum Doula, and one of our Parent Coaches, says:

“We talk about local activities that fit your family. I’m here for every topic from wondering about what is “normal” to hearing about your little one’s latest triumphs. I help problem-solve by listening to your unique situation to help you find what fits you best. I help you make plans to reach goals and support you along the way.”

Choose from 2 toolkit options:

Parents of Newborns ( 0 to 3 months)

Your newborn has arrived, or is due soon, then this package is for you

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Parents of Infants  ( 3 to 12 months)

Your baby is past newborn stage, then this package is for you >>

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