Parent Trust is now following “social distancing” protocols.  All staff have been instructed to work remotely.

Who should use this scheduler:

Please only sign up for a screening slot if you have been contacted by Marni that your child is due for a screening.

If you are a new family who would like to schedule a screening, please contact Marni first at Thank you!

Things to remember when scheduling:

  1. Scroll down until you see where is says “Parent Trust Screenings.”  There is a little check box over to the right–click that.
  2. You should then see a calendar with available slots.
  3. Choose a date on the calendar
  4. Scroll down to choose a time

When entering your personal data:  write your child’s name in the comment section, or I won’t know who I’m screening!  Do NOT write your child’s name in the Name section–that’s for your name.

Difficulty with the system? Contact Marni directly.

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