Life with Baby

This class helps expectant parents prepare for the first year after baby’s birth. We work to develop a realistic picture of what to expect, we offer practical tips for managing common challenges, and discuss the importance of self-care and a network of support.

Register online now >> or call (206)789-0883.

Class Topics

Topics include developing routines for coping with some common challenges of life with baby, getting sleep and taking care of yourself as a parent, returning to work, strengthening the couple relationship, finding a supportive network, becoming the parent you want to be, and other topics of relevance to new parents.


Time/Place: This 2.5 hour class is offered about once or twice a month at Northwest Hospital or at Parent Trust’s Center for Strong Families in south Seattle and at our Mountlake Terrace classroom.

When to take this class: Any time in the third trimester.

Cost: Please see registration for current fees. (NOTE: This class is included in select Great Starts™ series where noted in the class schedules). Additional scholarships available upon request.