Sibling Preparation for Parents

Please note: we will begin offering this class again summer 2019.

This class gives parents/caregivers helpful tips for how to prepare their child(ren) for the birth of a new baby. It is most helpful for families whose children are 1 and older.  So to be focused on the questions adults need to ask and discuss, we request that you make other arrangements for childcare during this class.

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Class Topics

Topics include: ideas for age-appropriate things you can do during pregnancy to teach your child about babies and the changes they bring, planning and preparing your child for what will happen while you are in labor and during your hospital stay, and ways to help smooth out any challenges in the early weeks and months with a new baby in the house. We will address emotional challenges, regression, safety issues, ways to help prevent or defuse the jealousy that naturally arises, and ways to help your older child learn how to interact well with the baby.


This class is held at Northwest Hospital on the same days following our Sibling Preparation for Kids >> class. The Parents’ class is for adults only, so we ask that you plan other care for your child during this time. A plan that has worked for some families is to have two parents attend the kids class, then one takes their child to a nearby mall or for a walk around nearby park while the other parent attends the parents’ class, or have a trusted friend or family member care for the child(ren) during this hour-long class.

Additional Options

Parents who are interested in this class for their child may also be interested in Childbirth Refresher >> or Working with Labor Pain >>