Physical Activity And Sleep

Even moderate physical activity helps with sleep.

We know that physical activity benefits children’s health. But, did you know it also helps children sleep better? Even moderate activity can make a difference.

Sleep Latency

A 2009 study found that every hour of the day that children were inactive adds 3 minutes to the time it takes them to get to sleep. The authors of the study monitored a representative sample of 519 children. On average, it took 26 minutes to fall asleep. This period of time–how long it takes to get to sleep–is called “sleep latency.” Continue reading “Physical Activity And Sleep”

Print or E-Books for Reading

Reading with a child is one of the most basic ways to promote literacy.

It also helps create a strong parent-child connection, can act as a transition to bed time, and can create a life-long love of books and reading.

But these days, parents not only have to choose what book to read, they also have to decide between using a print book or a digital e-book.

There was a small study done in March 2019 that compared these two methods of reading to children.

Continue reading “Print or E-Books for Reading”

Baking and Cooking

There are many ways to be creative. We often think of art projects for children’s creative activities, but cooking and baking are creative arts too.

Children too young to read can assist parents by helping to add ingredients. Parents can support this helping behavior by pre-measuring ingredients and coaching their child when to add and how to stir. Final touches, like decorating cookies, can be done with children as young Continue reading “Baking and Cooking”

Learning Apps and Marketing to Children

Parents want the best for their children.

Many turn to “learning apps” that their children can “play” on phones, pads and computers.  But, most parents might be dismayed to find out that 95% of apps marketed to children contain at least one form of advertising directed at children. And, often, these ads are not age appropriate.  Continue reading “Learning Apps and Marketing to Children”

The Kissing Hand

by Audrey Penn
Ages: 3-7 years old

The Kissing Hand is a sweet story about a young raccoon struggling with leaving his mom’s side.

Chester Raccoon is about to start school for the first time, but doesn’t want to leave his mother. So Mrs. Raccoon shares a family tradition with Chester called “the kissing hand.” Mrs. Raccoon kisses the palm of Chester’s hand and tells him to press his hand into his cheek anytime Continue reading “The Kissing Hand”