What I Can Control

Humans have the ability to worry about something that hasn’t happened yet—and trigger a real stress response—just by thinking about something!

We also have the ability to ruminate over past situations—things that are over and done with—and trigger a real stress response—just by thinking about something that has already happened. Continue reading “What I Can Control”

Stress And The New Normal

During Covid-19 self-quarantine, constant change has become our new normal. Constant change is very stressful for children their parents.

During periods of prolonged stress, it is important to care for our minds and bodies. This is especially important for our children and teens who have lost routine, supportive peers, teachers, extra-curriculars, and long-awaited summer plans. Continue reading “Stress And The New Normal”

Catch Your Child Doing Good!

Parents of children, toddlers – school age, can feel like the killers of joy; because children are so very inquisitive and exploratory, safety concerns are primary at this time. For example, insisting on hand holding when in a parking lot, staying away from the stove when playing in the kitchen, or using “gentle hands” when playing with siblings and the family pet. Continue reading “Catch Your Child Doing Good!”