The Name of This Book is Secret

by Pseudonymous Bosch (pen name of Raphael Simon)
1st in The Secret series.

This book starts like a mystery. That’s why I chose it for review. I am an avid mystery fiction fan, so my natural inclination is to introduce all of you and your children to the wonders of this genre.

But, what started out as a mystery, with detection and secret codes and yes, even an unexplained death–turned on a dime and became a fantasy.  Just enough fantasy, perhaps, to hook more modern readers who may have come to expect more fantastical elements woven into plots. Continue reading “The Name of This Book is Secret”

Creative Ways to Build Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are the ability to make movements using the small muscles in our hands and wrists. These skills are important for all ages and are developed from birth.

Infancy-12 months
Placing toys within reach (or for younger infants in their hands) helps to build the small muscles that are used for grasping. Bonus if the toy is colorful. Babies’ sight is not fully developed at birth so bright colors are easier to see.
*Younger babies may not be able to hold onto a toy for more than a few seconds – That’s OK! They are working up to it and practice is important, so keep trying. Continue reading “Creative Ways to Build Fine Motor Skills”

Explore the Outdoors

4 Ways to Explore the outdoors with your children

Exploring the outdoors is a great way to inspire creativity, an appreciation for the natural world, breathe fresh air and get physically active as a family! According to Sanford Health outdoor play:

  • Builds cognitive & social/emotional health
  • Benefits physical health through aerobic exercise and Vitamin D production through sun exposure
  • Improves sensory skills such as eyesight and perceptual abilities

Here are some of our favorite ways to make getting outside FUN and to spark creativity!

Continue reading “Explore the Outdoors”

Grocery Store Shopping With Children Tips

Going to the grocery store with children is a challenge, especially now when we are limiting our trips and practicing social distancing. Keeping your little ones engaged and occupied while perusing the store shelves is hard and can require a lot of patience.

Here are tips to make that shopping trip fun, efficient and safe!

Make a list of items needed before you leave. One trick is to text yourself your shopping list or use an app on your smartphone to make Continue reading “Grocery Store Shopping With Children Tips”

Help Your Child Feel Comfortable Wearing a Mask

We are living in a time that is new and uncertain for everyone. Wearing a mask has become a mandatory part of daily life. The CDC recommends masks for anyone 2 years and older in places where you cannot social distance. To be effective, masks should cover your child’s mouth and nose. You can purchase masks or make your own masks with these instructions from the CDC.  make masks >>

Here are 3 ways you can support your child in this new environment. 

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Sidewalk Chalk Alphabet Game

While the weather cooperates, getting outside with your children is a great way to connect as a family. Sidewalk chalk is a fun, educational outdoor game.

All you need is sidewalk chalk and a clear driveway or sidewalk.

Write all the letters of the alphabet out in random order in the space available.  Be sure to make the letters BIG so your child(ren) can see them easily! Continue reading “Sidewalk Chalk Alphabet Game”