Grocery Store

My Father Had a Grocery Store

Early learning/ school readiness skills can be taught in a fun way€”by playing games!

What does playing early learning games accomplish?

  • You provide an early learning foundation for younger children, helping them become school ready
  • You provide a way for older children, already in school but perhaps needing extra help, to acquire skills in a safe, fun, non-punitive environment. When playing these games, it won’t feel like they are being singled out for not knowing early learning skills. They’ll simply be playing a game and having fun.
  • You’ll be contributing to the notion that learning is enjoyable; this is an important school-readiness skill!

When can you play?

Since this talking game requires no “props”, you can play anytime. As a bedtime ritual, getting ready in the morning, during a long car ride, instead of TV, while you are doing chores together€”anytime you want!

How to play:

  1. Start out by saying, “My father owned a grocery store and the first thing he sold started with the letter€¦”.
  2. Now say a letter, and have an idea in your head of a food that starts with that letter. Remember: the item must be edible, and it must be something you’d buy in a grocery store.
  3. Your child(ren) can shout out their guesses and whoever guesses first gets to be the “chooser” next.
  4. If your child is unable to guess, try giving them 2 hints. Tricky items (for example, a really hard one is “sugar” since the “s” sound in this word is a “sh” sound”) may need hints.
  5. If your child is unable to guess after 2 hints, tell them what the item is, and then let them take a turn. Remember, this isn’t about winners and losers. It’s about having fun and enjoying time together while practicing letter recognition.

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