SMART Recommended Audience

teen stressTeenagers

Looking back as an adult, you may remember teen years as some of the best years of your life; but being a teenager can be very stressful. Growing pains, changing friendship dynamics, new relationships, family issues, school, jobs, sports; today’s teens have a lot going on.

Mental and emotional stress can cause significant problems if left unmanaged. Too much stress, too often, can cause health problems and can affect home life and school performance. But teens can take control of stress by learning relaxation techniques and stress management strategies. This workshop works particularly well in health classes.

parent stressParents

Take control of your stress, instead of letting it take control of you. This workshop is designed for parents with any age child, from infant through the teen years. Parents to-be will also benefit.

Parenting can be stressful, and chronic stress can negatively affect our health and relationships. To counteract the effects of stress we need to purposefully trigger a relaxation response. This skill, as well as additional stress managment strategies can not only help you to reduce your stress, but provide the healthy environment for your child(ren) to learn how to manage their own stress.

professional stressProfessionals

Everyone experiences stress. Too much stress can cause health problems, physical, mental and emotional challenges. In the workplace, your interaction with co-workers and service to clients can be affected. SMART teaches specific tools that can be used in daily life to counteract the negative effects of chronic stress.

This workshop has been brought to businesses, non-profits, and school staff and adminstrators. Whether you are hoping to bring the techniques to your clients or students, or simply help your own staff destress, this workshop can help teach practical techniques that can be used to reduce stress and help to increase a personal sense of calm focus.