ASQ® Training

“An Introduction to the ASQ-3® and ASQ-SE®”
Parent Trust has been using the ASQ® system for many years. Our ASQ® trainer conducts on-site screenings herself, and has attended Brookes Publishing’s “Train the Trainer”.

Who should attend:
The training is intended for any professional or para-profesional working with children from 1 month to 60 months including:

  • Early intervention staff
  • Child development specialist
  • Family support workers
  • Home visitors
  • Public health professionals
  • Child care staff

What is covered:
This hands-on training will give you all the basics you need to incorporate the ASQ® system into your program, and have confidence using the screening tools:

  • Making the most of ASQ-3®
  • Getting started with ASQ-3® and ASQ:SE®
  • What’s new in the ASQ-3®
  • Introducing the tools to parents
  • Scoring, interpreting results, and making referral decisions
  • Communicating screening results sensitively to families

Client Benefit:
Whether your program is center-based or home-based, the ASQ tools can help you:

  • Create strong partnerships with families.
  • Accurately screen children in basic developmental categories
  • Identify potential developmental delays that need ongoing monitoring or further assessment
  • Provide activities that promote developmental progress.
  • Educate parents on child development

Users Guide and Starter Kit:
At minimum, it is strongly recommended that each site have purchased an ASQ® Users Guide and Starter Kit prior to the training. We also recommend that everyone who will be administering the screening have a personal copy of the ASQ-3® Users Guide.

What is the ASQ-3®
ASQ-3® is an accurate, reliable, and parent-friendly way to screen young children. ASQ-3® is the newest version of the screening, and makes it easy to identify potential delays as early as possible and determine which children need further assessment or ongoing monitoring.

What is the ASQ-SE®? ASQ:SE® is a screening tool that identifies infants and young children whose social and emotional development requires further evaluation to determine if referral for intervention services is necessary.
(from Brookes publishing online. more info about the ASQ® system at