Rebekah Gilley, CD (PALS)

Classes Taught:
Childbirth Preparation Series

I have been surrounded by teachers all my life. My mom taught high school before homeschooling my sisters and me, and my grandma taught elementary school for 30 years before retiring, although she definitely wore her teacher hat when around her granddaughters!

While in college for my Bachelor’s degree, I was a “Peer Leader and Teacher’s Assistant,” a position that allowed me to help freshmen both succeed in their classes and adjust to college life. In 2015 I began the journey of becoming a birth doula. I am proudly PALS certified and love serving families as they welcome their newest member.

Information is one of the most important tools families can have. I love it when families ask questions and then ask, “What else should we be asking?”

Family, hobbies:
Most of my wonderful family lives here in the Pacific Northwest, and I enjoy spending time with them regularly. When I’m not teaching or attending births, I can be found either in Zumba class or re-reading Harry Potter.

Favorite thing about teaching:
I love seeing families increase their confidence in their own knowledge and abilities.

Teaching style:

Is there anything you’d like your students to know about you, or to do prior to coming to class?
The best thing you can do for your baby is do your best. There are tons of decisions to be made, and you get to decide what is best for your family. You can do it!

What is the most important thing that you hope your students will take away from your class?

What would you like to be doing in 5-10 years:
I would love to continue birth-related work, hopefully with a few more classes to offer!