Sheryl Rasmussen, MN, RN

Classes taught:
Expecting Multiples Childbirth Class Series
Preventing Preterm Birth Class

I have been a nurse since graduating from UW School of Nursing in 1990. My nursing specialty has been OB/Maternity nursing at UW Medical Center and I have worked at UWMC for the entirety of my nursing career – full time, part time and per-diem. UWMC is a very interesting place to work and I have always been fascinated and stimulated by the patients and patient care situations.

I started teaching childbirth classes in 1992 while working on the Postpartum Unit at UWMC. I have specialized in teaching the Preventing Preterm Birth (since 1992) and Expecting Multiples (since 1997) Childbirth Classes – first for UWMC and currently for Great Starts.
In 1993 I finished my Masters in Nursing at the University of Washington and started as the Co-Coordinator of Childbirth Education at UWMC, a job-share position I held until 2000.
I have worked as a Per-Diem RN at UWMC since 2000, in the Maternity and Infant Care Clinic (High Risk OB clinic) and the Employee Health Clinic.

I also am a Nursing Instructor at 3 local Nursing Schools: UW School of Nursing (Maternal/Child Clinical and Maternity Clinical Course Coordinator), Northwest University (Maternal/Child Clinical and Theory), and Shoreline Community College (Health Promotion Theory).

I have walked the pregnancy/birth/breastfeeding/early parenting journey with many, many families expecting multiples or families at risk for preterm birth. I HOPE and anticipate that everything will go great for your pregnancy – almost all of my families have VERY HEALTHY Babies – but want to prepare you for the “what-ifs” that may surface along the way – preterm labor, preterm birth (average gestational age at birth for twins is 36 weeks), C-Section Birth (about 75% of twin births nationwide are via C-Section). I also want to help you connect with other families who are on the same pregnancy/parenting journey so that you can increase your support community. As a nurse I am an advocate of health promotion – healthy pregnancy habits and weight gain, vaginal birth, breast-feeding and parent/infant immunizations but recognize and value individual choices and unique lived experiences.

I have been married to my supportive and amazing husband Eric since 1988 and we have 3 daughters.
I love to read, watch historical costume dramas, go to garage sales and thrift stores, run estate sales, and sell books/jewelry/stuff on EBay, Amazon and at a local Antique Mall.
My husband works in education so we prioritize time off in the summer. We enjoy spending time at our cabin on Spirit Lake in North Idaho. He has a summer job where he guides D1 basketball teams to Europe with a basketball travel agency so we have had the privilege to travel to Europe for a few weeks each summer since 2015.

Favorite thing about teaching:
Preparing families for the challenges of twin/triplet pregnancy, birth, and early parenting so they can THRIVE! Also – helping families connect with others who will be walking the same journey so they can build a supportive community.

4 adjectives that best describe teaching style:

What students should know about me prior to coming to class:
I have been teaching childbirth classes for over 25 years and have a great degree of experience working as an RN alongside highly experienced Maternal Fetal Medicine Physicians at UWMC caring for families expecting multiples or at risk for preterm birth. I have worked with well over 1,000 families in my Expecting Multiples Childbirth Classes since 1997.

Most important take away from class:

What I would like to be doing in 5-10 years:
Teaching Expecting Multiples and Preventing Preterm Birth Classes and teaching Nursing Students – I already have my dream jobs! I guess I would like to be a grandma by then……

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