SMART for Middle and Elementary Schools

We know that the COVID-19 Pandemic is creating tremendous ongoing stress for families and communities.  It has never been more important for students to receive the tools and support they need to manage their daily stress.

SMART (Stress Management and Relaxation Training) offers simple, inexpensive techniques and ways of thinking that are immediately available for students to use.

*We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our workshop into middle and elementary schools in the Edmonds School District.

FREE Zoom Class:  30-50 minutes. 
Class length depending on your classroom schedule.

stressed child

Children of all ages experience stress.  Help your students learn simple techniques and ways of thinking to manage their stress by bringing the SMART Workshop to your classroom.

The Lesson:

  • What is “worry?”
  • When is worry helpful and when is it harmful?
  • What can you do to feel better when you are worrying too much?
  • 1-3 relaxation techniques (depending on length of class)

Resource Packet:  After the workshop, participating teacher will receive additional strategies that can be used during class time.

Follow up survey: participating students and teachers are asked to complete a follow up, online outcomes survey.  This survey is anonymous and confidential.

For more information, please contact:

Marni Port, MSW
Child & Teen Services Program Manager

Interested in our High School workshops?

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*Thanks to a grant from Verdant Health Commission, we have been able to flex our model to make it appropriate for younger children.
We have a history of working with middle and elementary schools as well as over a decade of work with high schools.  We look forward to partnering with you!