Student Feedback Highlights

Students are asked for the following feedback

  • What were the most important things you learned today?
  • Other comments

Edmonds Woodway High School

In addition to the comments below, 29 EW Students specifically mentioned that learning about ACEs was among the most important things they learned. read comments

I learned I am not alone in this. Gave me confidence to come through my stress.

Thank you for helping me.

[I learned] how to better deal with stress warning signs. I think it was a very interesting talk.

Thank you so much! You came to our school at the right time to make me acknowledge I need to get help and there are ways to do it.

This was extremely helpful. Thanks for coming.

Loved the breathing exercise at the end.

I liked the class. I recognized the negative ways I deal with stress and learned positive methods to use instead.

[I learned] ways to cope (breathing exercises). Thank you this was very interesting, helpful and informative.

I recognize that me worrying about the future was toxic and I should focus more on problem solving

You were so helpful and I really learned a lot! The breathing exercises and list making and other [stress management techniques] were really helpful and they will defiinitely be things that I am going to use.

This was actually very helpful for me.

It was really helpful after we had an essay due and finals are coming soon so now we have ways to make it through the next month and rest of school experience.

This was helpful. I am becoming more efficient by relaxing.

[I learned] it’s okay to rely on others

I should focus on coping strategies that are positive and healthy

Helped me realize that a lot of the bad things that happened to me weren’t my fault and I could let go of that stress

[I learned] awareness of others’ stress

I feel like you should continue this [class] for future students at this school, especially ones who might do IB or Running Start.

It was definitely good to learn the breathing strategies, since I get super stressed about school and tests

Very very inspiring

I learned that it is not just me who has these times where I feel like I can’t do anything right.

Lynnwood High School

In addition to the comments below, 19 Lynnwood students specifically mentioned that learning about ACEs was among the most important things they learned. read comments

this really helped me relax today

a good relaxation technique; I enjoyed having the speaker

how I can relax stress on my own

new strategies for handling stress

difference between problem solving and worrying

how to cope with stress and how to help myself

how to relax your mind

that there are things you can do to cope with stress.  I’m going to pay more attention to this.  The 10 ACES helped, but kind of scary

I learned that there are better more positive [ways to cope with stress] than others

I can manage my stress.  The end part was really relaxing

a way to go into relax mode.  Great teaching that helped me understand stress

I learned new ways to help my friends

the relaxation technique really did help and it works.  I enjoyed it and learned a lot

The relaxation thing felt amazing and I liked it a lot

I didn’t realize that people have stress caused by childhood experiences

I know how I can relax and how I can work with my stress.  I appreciate the relaxation because it really helped me.

I learned more about my own personal warning signs [of stress] and why I am as stressed out as I am lately.  Thank you for the meditation, my head feels clearer.

I learned to trigger the relaxation response and it’s exactly what I needed.  This workshop helped me more than you could imagine.  I’ve been feeling lots of stress lately so learning how to handle it helped me a lot.  This was exactly what I needed.

I learned a very relaxing technique to destress myself.  I didn’t realize I had so many ACES.

I learned that I should pay attention to…ACES in other kids. I feel as if I want to be more understanding of others.  I also thought of life a little bit better with this class.  I noticed everyone participating, even the more “energetic” students.

warning signs of stress, and how to relieve [stress] with different ways such as sports, music, art, etc.  I really liked when we closed our eyes–that was very peaceful and now I feel very calm.

Meadowdale High School

In addition to the comments below, 40 Meadowdale students specifically mentioned that learning about ACEs was among the most important things they learned. read comments

I reflected on my most common responses to stress are and what helps me deal with it best.  Thank you for being so open minded and welcoming.  This class was very helpful.

I learned really positive ways to recognize and cope with unnecessary amounts of stress, and I can identify other warning signs for myself now.  I really enjoyed it and I’d love to do it again!

The relaxation thing we did at the end [was the most important thing today].  And ways for coping with stress and recognizing my warning signs for when I’m stressed.

I learned that I wasn’t coping with my stress in a positive way.

I learned all about the different ACES and how so many people keep it hidden as well as how much stress it puts on people.

I learned about ACES and how many I have and that it’s not my fault.

ACES–why I’m the way I am because of my childhood.  This was emotional and helpful.  I am even more thankful for my therapist.

I realized what my warning sign [of stress] is

Breath control for stress relief

I really need the coping mechanisms used in this exercise.

the more positive ways of coping with stress

the class was very interactive and informative

How much I need to make time just for myself to relax.

the difference between problem solving and worrying, how to deal with stress in better ways.

that sometimes stress isn’t my fault but I can still handle it

that there are lots of symptoms of my stress that I ignore and shouldn’t ignore

“that it’s not my fault” [having ACES] it hits closer than it should.  Thank you for coming

that it’s ok, and we’re not alone.  I feel like a new person, thank you!

how other people deal with the same things I do; and I learned really positive ways to deal with my anxiety

that worrying and problem solving are different things.  Really liked this class; should be done more often.  The meditation piece was sooooo good.

ways to help friends deal with stress

Worrying about the past or the future or even current situation won’t help resolving [situation]