Welcome to Parent Trust’s SMART Teen Video Series!

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If you are a teacher viewing these videos with your students–please remember to schedule your Zoom class if you haven’t already!  These videos are a prerequisite to the SMART Teen Zoom class.

These videos and activities have been created in response to Covid-19 social distancing, since we cannot provide our SMART workshop in person at our partner schools.

Please note:  all videos are set to loop back to the beginning after play, this is the only way to disable prompts from Youtube to show you “related videos.”

Introduction Video

Lesson 1: Definitions and Concepts >>
10 minutes 19 seconds.

Lesson 2: When is Stress Harmful >>
7 minutes 12 seconds

Lesson 3: Warning Signs and Worry >>
11 minutes 25 seconds

Lesson 4: Stress Buffers and Resilience >>
9 minutes 31 seconds

Lesson 5: Social Support >>
6 minutes 15 seconds

Lesson 6:  Relaxation Techniques >>
Short videos describing a variety of relaxation techniques.