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Angela Hodge

Classes Taught:
Childbirth Preparation Series

I have degrees in music and writing, and have a varied background working in book publishing, nonprofit organizations, and ESL education. I became fascinated by birth after having my own children, and am now a certified birth doula through PALS and childbirth educator through Great Starts. I am also passionate about photography and am a certified birth photographer through Birth Becomes You.


I love forming connections with my students and helping them connect with each other. It is my goal to help my students think more deeply about their birth experience and the postpartum period. The transition to parenthood is profound, and having guides and support along the way is crucial. I want my students to feel confident, empowered, and supported going into their births and early parenthood.

Family, hobbies:

I am a mom of three rambunctious children who endlessly challenge me and also make me laugh. I am a creative person and lover of the arts and nature. I love to learn new things about the world and find myself constantly amazed.

Favorite thing about teaching:

Sharing helpful resources, forming connections that sometimes last beyond the class, seeing friendships grow among students, meeting students’ babies at the class reunions.

Teaching style:

Evidence-based, fun, conversational, empathetic

Is there anything you’d like your students to know about you, or to do prior to coming to class?

There are no stupid questions! Come ready to participate, move, question, and reflect.

What is the most important thing that you hope your students will take away from your class?

Knowledge and support

What would you like to be doing in 5-10 years?

Traveling, creating, learning, doula-ing, and teaching!

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