About Us

We equip parents and caregivers to raise safe, healthy and strong children.

We believe in the magic of prevention – giving families the help and support they need BEFORE a crisis occurs.

Parent Trust is a statewide nonprofit dedicated to ensuring that every parent has the knowledge and skills they need to raise healthy, thriving children.  Our research-based programs prevent child abuse and neglect while ending the generational cycle of Adverse Childhood Experiences.  We help families build better futures – and keep kids out of foster care.

Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences Changes Lives

Adverse Childhood Experiences significantly increase a person’s risk of health, social, and economic problems throughout their lives. Adverse Childhood Experiences cost our society billions of dollars every year. They affect every family, and every aspect of our lives.

  • Our work is based on decades of research detailing the specific types of parent education and supports (known as the Protective Factors) that keep children safe and families thriving even under difficult circumstances. We help families heal from the traumas they carry.
  • Our outreach focuses on families who face the cumulative effects of generations of battling Adverse Childhood Experiences on their own – parents recovering from addiction, parents with low income, and parents who experienced child abuse and neglect as children.

Babies Can’t Wait. Kids Can’t Wait. Families Can’t Wait.

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