The 2018-2019 Board of Directors:

Steve Abramowicz
Senior Vice President, Investments – UBS Financial
I dedicate my time and charity to Parent Trust because of our mission of keeping our fellow Washington families strong and together.  read more

It is the very best way to support families. Parent Trust’s proven methods give all parents a cradle to college toolkit for navigating the hardest job they’ll ever have: being a parent. As the father of two wonderful children, I want all families to experience the best a loving family can be. Parent Trust can light the way.

Will Cheung
Assistant Director of Finance, Dept. of Student Life – University of Washington

Kate Hinely
Community Volunteer

Blythe Keller
Director of Sales and Service Public & Labor, West – Aetna

Shari McClure
Executive Director, Cancer Care Services – EvergreenHealth
I serve on the Parent Trust Board because I believe it is the community’s responsibility to ensure that children are kept physically and  read more

emotionally safe in their formative years so they can grow into healthy adults. And at Parent Trust, we are making real progress in preventing child abuse and neglect by using research-based programs to build parenting skills and resilience in at-risk parents.

Rachel Mikulec
Sr. Change Management Advisor – Puget Sound Energy
I serve on the Parent Trust board because investing in the well-being of  read more

children and strengthening families, quite simply put, is the best investment anyone can make. Parent Trust allows me the privilege of serving others and helping to ensure that much needed resources will be available for generations to come.

Andrew Repanich
Investigative Monitor – King County Office of Law Enforcement Oversight
I serve on this board because supporting parents and strengthening families helps make children more resilient, which makes  read more

for a better society. Families struggling emotionally and economically too often lack support, which causes instability, which then gets passed down to their children, who then pass it to their children. As a public defender in both adult and juvenile courts I have seen the outcome of unstable parenting. The first step to prevent the worst-case scenario of being stuck in the criminal justice system is to make help available… Parent Trust does that.

Sandra Welander-McCartney
Educational Consultant – Center for the Collaborative Classroom

John Wittgenstein
Senior Associate – KPMG US

Judy Wright
Nonprofit Consultant
I proudly serve on the Board of Parent Trust for three main reasons: (1)The mission-teaching parents and other caregivers how to parent skill-is   read more

  the foundational approach to strengthening our children, families, and entire society. No mission is more important. (2) We follow parents’ guidance in identifying and crafting the programs we offer. Parents tell us what they need. (3) All our programs are evidence-based and constantly evaluated, so we know we are doing what parents find helpful. I’ve served on board and staff of many organizations, and have never encountered one better at “walking the walk” of its purpose.

Director Emeritus:

John Curley
Auctioneer – John Curley Auctions; Host – KIRO Radio
I serve for the simple reason that a strong family is a strong community. The bond between the mother,  read more

the father, and the child is essential. Parent Trust instills, repairs and establishes this essential bond to allow each member to live to his or hers fullest potential.