“Speak Up When You’re Down” Post Partum Depression Awareness Campaign >>
Parent Trust for Washington Children and Post Partum Support International of Washington are the two non-profit lead agencies working in partnership with the state lead, Department of Early learning, to ensure that new parents receive critical information regarding the “Speak Up When You’re Down” Post Partum Depression Awareness Campaign.

This website contains basic information about Post Partum Depression, support group contact information, brochures, internet links, a research section, and more.

Have a Plan: Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Brochures
Parent Trust for Washington Children is the non-profit lead working with state lead, the Department for Early Learning, to educate the public and distribute materials on preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome.  English version PDF >>    Spanish version PDF >>

Cool Responses to Hot Buttons Campaign >>
Parent Trust for Washington Children created the “Cool Responses to Hot Buttons” campaign, which provides real-world solutions for 12 “hot buttons” that irritate and anger parents and offer “cool responses” that have been parent-tested. You may view these handouts by going to the Parenting Tips>> page of our website.

Infant Safe Sleep Coalition >>
In 2009, Representative Mary Helen Roberts championed the need for all parents to receive new and expanded information to keep infants safe while they are sleeping.  Parent Trust for Washington Children co-chairs the Infant Safe Sleep Coalition to ensure that all parents of infants receive critical new information provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID) due to unsafe sleep environment.  For copies of the “Infant Safe Sleep” Card and more information:   Infant Safety >>

Relatives as Parents Programs >>
Over 35,000 people in Washington State are caring for a relative’s child. Parent Trust ‘s Family Help Line for Washington Children provides support and referrals for these caregivers. via the Family Help Line. DSHS and Kinship Caregiver services features the Family Help Line phone number on their website and outreach as a resource for relative caregivers.

Keep Kids Safe License Plate >>
Parent Trust for Washington Children advocates for the Keep Kids Safe License Plate. Proceeds from the sale of this special license plate are disseminated by the Department of Early Learning to fund child abuse prevention programs around the state.

Lifespan Respite of Washington State >>
Lifespan Respite of Washington State (formerly the Respite and Crisis Care Coalition of Washington) is a coalition of varied programs and agencies supporting family caregivers. The coalition was initiated by DSHS Aging and Disability Services Administration and The ARC of King County.  In 2010, the coalition was awarded a three-year Lifespan Respite Grant to implement a statewide system of coordinated, community-based respite for family caregivers. Parent Trust for Washington Children has participated in and supported the coalition’s efforts to establish and expand this network. The Family Help Line is a consultant in the development of a website and online resource database.