Speak Up When You’re Down/Si Se Sienta Depremida, Digalo

In English
What does postpartum depression look and feel like? Spend a few minutes looking through the eyes of someone suffering from PPD and hear from a national expert on what to watch for–and how to get help. Produced by the Parent Trust Conscious Fathering Program in partnership with White Noise Production and Public Health – Seattle & King County, the Speak Up When You’re Down DVD is only available through Parent Trust for Washington Children.
In Spanish
¿Se Siente deprimida?
¡Usted puede logra sentirsé mejor!
Precindiendo de lo mal que usted se sienta ahora, hay esperanza para un brillante dia de mañana. Usted puede conquistar los sintomas de PPD (La Depresión de Postparto). El tratamiento puede surgir efecto…pero usted tiene que ¡HABLAR! ¿Se sienta deprimida?
¿Necesita ayuda? ¡Llamé hoy mismo!

Have A Plan: Prevention Strategies for Parents

Have a Plan is a video presentation that addresses common issues of stress, fatigue, frustration, and other parenting challenges that face parents of newborns. The video helps parents think about and normalize these issues, and also urges them to “have a plan” for dealing with these frustrating parenting times.