Great Starts Instructor

Barb Decker

Classes Taught:

Background: Barb has been a Childbirth Educator for 38 years. For her first birth 41 years ago, she had no classes. For the second birth she had classes and practiced diligently. It made such a difference in her birthing experience that she became a childbirth educator. Since 1994, Barb has been a birth doula assisting families toward rewarding birth experiences. She has assisted in hospital births in Virginia, Naples, Italy, Massachusetts, and home and hospital births in Seattle since 2007. Barb became a HypnoBirthing® Practitioner in 2002.

Philosophy: I believe that every woman should have the chance to face any fears of birthing and learn constructive ways to help them look forward to birth with calm and confidence.

Student Quotes: 
“Barb’s enthusiasm was infectious, reassuring, and kept the class engaging. She was very easy to talk to and presented all information in an accessible and understandable way.”

“Barb was outstanding. She helped us get comfortable and confident with preparing for our birth, to the point that we are now very excited about it.”

“We think Barb’s a great teacher and we love her energy. We like her directness and her ability to engage even the most reticent people in the class.”