Great Starts Instructor

Katie Rohs

Classes Taught:
Childbirth Preparation Series (3- or 6-week)
Lamaze 8-week Series
Working With Labor Pain
Newborn Care

I am a Lamaze® certified childbirth educator and DONA certified Birth Doula. I’ve also been trained in disability advocacy by the ARC of King County, and am a Finding Your Voice program Parent Trainer. I draw from my experiences with a late-pregnancy loss of twins and as the mother of a child with multiple disabilities to help expecting families empower themselves and advocate for their growing family during their birth and in years beyond. I also work as Penny Simkin’s office manager, I am on the Board of PATTCh, an organization bringing awareness to traumatic childbirth, as well as President of the board of REACHE, a non-profit that produces a conference each year for childbirth educators and other birth professionals.

I endeavor to increase the confidence of those taking my classes, while balancing realistic expectations. I am a fiend for current research and evidence, and balancing that evidence with what families might actually expect in their birth setting. I particularly enjoy discussing the expectations, values and priorities each family brings to their childbirth, and the confluence of these expectations and typical labor experiences.

I am the proud mother of tween twins, Hank & Lily, and wife of forty-something singleton Todd. In my free time I dabble in political consulting and organic gardening. I studied Sociology at the University of Washington and was in the Husky Marching Band. As such, I bleed purple and gold and despite being a rabid UW Husky fan, I do not discriminate against Cougars.

Favorite thing about teaching:
When families connect with their priorities and values, and communicate them with their provider and birth team for a positive birth experience. It is my hope to inspire families to trust their values and instincts in labor, birth, and early parenting.

4 adjectives that best describe my teaching style:

What I’d like my students to know about me, or to do prior to coming to class:
Dress comfortably for active participation and coping skills practice. Bring a pillow or yoga mat for floor practice.

The most important thing I hope my students will take away from class:

What I’d like to be doing in 5-10 years:
Vacationing frequently. But let’s be real: I’ll be have a kid in college so I’ll probably be paying tuition, doing laundry on weekends, and making sure the kids get at least one good home-cooked meal each week. And of course, working with parents as they prepare to expand their families.

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