Families In Recovery Facilitator

What is the Families in Recovery Program? [expand title=”expand” swaptitle=”close” tag=”em”]The Families in Recovery Program is a statewide network of parent education and support groups specifically for families in which one or more of its members are in recovery from drugs and/or alcohol.[/expand][spacer height=”5px”]

Focus of the Program: [expand title=”expand” swaptitle=”close” tag=”em”]The Families in Recovery Program provides parent/caregiver support groups during and after chemical dependency treatment for families overcoming substance abuse. Families in Recovery groups give members essential tools to build healthy family relationships and become part of a supportive, drug-free community. Groups meet weekly and are based on the Parent Trust principles of family support, health, safety and parent leadership.[/expand][spacer height=”5px”]

Why the Families in Recovery Program? [expand title=”expand” swaptitle=”close” tag=”em”]With over 70% of CPS cases involving alcohol and/or other drugs, the risks to families affected by substance abuse are devastating. Children of chemically dependent parents are more likely to have problems such as drug use, school dropout, teen pregnancy, violence, gang involvement and future health problems. FIR groups help families gain critical social and life management skills as well as provide connection to an encouraging and drug free community. A Parent Trust for Washington Children group for drug-affected families helps protect against substance abuse relapse and decreases the risk of child abuse and neglect.[/expand][spacer height=”5px”]

Who does the Families in Recovery Program serve? [expand title=”expand” swaptitle=”close” tag=”em”]The groups serve clients in residential and outpatient treatment centers that host FIR groups. Clients consist of a broad range of parents and caregivers. More than half of the members in our groups are actively involved with CPS and/or the criminal justice system. Many of them have had their children removed temporarily or permanently from their custody and placed with relatives or foster parents. To regain custody, cases depend largely on the parent’s success in completing treatment. [/expand][spacer height=”5px”]

Closing date: Resumes due by Monday, December 30th

Do not contact by phone or in-person.

A resume and cover letter is a must.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Complete the Facilitator screening and training process with the Parent Trust State Office.
  • Faithful attendance that includes being at the group site at least 15 minutes before group starts to welcome parents.
  • Train parents on the mutual-help model to create a safe, brainstorming environment for parents to celebrate, problem-solve, vent and become an extended family for each other.
  • Train Parent Leaders to actually lead the group.
  • Act as a consultant, referee, coach and/or secretary as needed for the group.
  • Provide weekly group supplies in accordance with any guidelines established by the treatment center and group.
  • Weekly minimum 20 minute debriefing with appointed contact person at the host treatment center for information exchange and to celebrate group successes
  • Regular contact with the Parent Trust State Office Families in Recovery Program Coordinator for ongoing training, consultation, celebration, problem solving and statistical reporting.
  • Arrange in advance for back-up facilitator in the event of absence.
  • Commitment to a positive “goodbye process” when you leave the group.

Job Requirements

  • Must have previous group facilitation experience.
  • Knowledge of community resources and child development.
  • Ability to work as a team member within a treatment center.
  • Strong commitment to family empowerment and to ending all forms of family violence.
  • College degree + 3 years work experience, or 7 years work experience.
  • Minimum 1 year commitment.
  • Must be able to successfully pass a WA State Patrol Criminal Background Check.

Job Summary

  • 3 hours a week. Friday in Everett (10:00-11:30 pm + flexible)
  • Must have own transportation.
  • No medical/dental insurance.
  • Pay rate: $16.75 an hour

Send resume and cover letter to Sarah Mace

Email:  smace@parenttrust.org

Snail Mail:
Parent Trust for Washington Children
2200 Rainier Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98144
ATT: Sarah Mace/FIR Resume

Families in Recovery is a program of Parent Trust for Washington Children.