Creating Solutions Together

Working together to keep kids in school and strengthen families.

Homelessness reverberates through families.
It breaks bonds and creates trauma.
It keeps kids out of school – another statistic that ends up shaping their lives.

We must change this. And with your help – and strong community partners like Housing Hope, we will.

Parent Trust is a partner in the Improving School Attendance for Families Experiencing Transition/Homelessness Collaborative in Snohomish County.

We facilitate parent groups for the families in the project, helping parents commit to their children’s success in school, and in life.

Housing Hope logo, mother and childThis coalition is working to remove the barriers that keep homeless kids out of school. The project started by asking families what they need. And listening to the answers.

Imagine getting your kids to school, if you don’t know where your family will sleep tonight – or where their next meal will come from. Maybe every day is a new bus route, or a new set of shelter rules. Or just hunting for a safe space to park.

It’s a lot to overcome.

Our first parenting group for the collaborative formed in January. Housing Hope provides transportation, childcare, and food at weekly group meetings. Parents get a chance to meet and talk through parenting challenges with our facilitator and each other. It’s a safe space where they can focus on hope for their kids’ futures.

Your support allows us to be a part of this effort.

It’s a wraparound program that brings together more than 20 different private and public partners.

We know school attendance is a key component of lifelong success. Education hugely increases the chance of breaking the cycle of poverty. That is the goal of this collaborative.

No agency or nonprofit can tackle this alone.  Solutions happen when we come together.

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