From Isolation To Connection

Parenting kids with extreme behaviors can be isolating.

Grace (all family names have been changed) is 6 years old. Her brother Jeb, 8, is afraid of her. So are her mom and dad. Grace has a lot of reasons to be mad.
call the family help line grace storyShe kicks. And bites. And rages. Therapy, medication, respite care. For Grace’s family, this is everyday life.

 “We don’t really tell most people what’s going on,” says Amelia, Grace’s mom. “I’ve watched too many people recoil and withdraw.”

Amelia needed to talk. She called the Family Help Line.

Our Family Help Line Coach didn’t withdraw.

Our Coach listened and asked questions that made Amelia feel comfortable talking.

“I was out of ideas. I love my daughter. But no one would hear me.”

Society bombards us with images of the perfect family.

It’s a lot of pressure. For an adoptive family it can be even more intense. Adoption is the happy ending, right?

Many kids who come through the child welfare system carry trauma. And parenting kids with trauma is a moving target.  It’s about committing to love while facing a future full of unknowns.

Amelia and her husband, Jackson have made that commitment. But they also just moved to Washington State. They are starting over, and Amelia felt overwhelmed and alone.  She needed someone to help her figure out where to start.

Our Family Help Line Coach was there to listen.

To hear about the stress, the times when Jeb hides in his room to avoid his sister, but also about the joy.  “Grace has this radiant smile,” says Amelia. “The good days make it all worthwhile.”

Amelia needed a list of resources and contacts. Our Coach was happy to do research and follow up by email with options customized for this family.

The Family Help Line is here because of you.

This is your generosity in action.  It’s a commitment you’ve made to every family in Washington State. And it makes a difference.

 “I feel able to take on the system again,” says Amelia. “I know I can do this for Grace. But I’m going to be calling again. It lowers my stress just to know there’s someone on the other end of the line that I can connect with.”

The Family Help Line is for everyone.

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