Hope Starts Small And It Grows

You help parents recovering from addiction rebuild their families. It starts with finding confidence. With something as small as a plant.

Living in your car, you can’t keep much. Life is about survival. This was Carol’s reality, even as she struggled with addiction and recovery.

The smallest thing can change everything.

For Carol, it was a plant. She got it in our Families in Recovery group.

Caring for the plant is a challenge. It means seeking sunshine and warmth, a steady supply of water.  For Carol, it meant hiding the plant from the mice who invaded her car through the floorboards almost every night.

Carol committed to the plant. To moving forward. Toward her kids.

Today, Carol has housing and a relationship with her kids. Her plant is thriving.

Recently she returned to her Families in Recovery Group – she’s the one passing out plants.

You move our parents forward, plant by plant.

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