Kevin Found Answers In Fathering Class

He was excited about becoming a father.

But nervous, and worried. He’d gone to childbirth classes with his partner, but he felt he needed something more. Something specific to him.

“I’ve had lifelong issues with anger. I’ve done a lot of work on it; my partner is supportive. I know how to handle myself in everyday life,” says Kevin, “but I needed to know exactly what I’d be facing as a Dad.”

Kevin knew 10 minutes into Conscious Fathering™ class that he was in the right place.

The all-male atmosphere, the hands-on exercises and the frank discussion about how hard it is cope with sleep deprivation while focusing on a baby – it was exactly what he needed.

“I felt comfortable asking questions… and I really appreciate how practical the material was. I walked out of class feeling so much more prepared.”

Our Conscious Fathering™ Instructors walk expectant Dads through the challenges like a baby who can’t stop crying. They discuss self-care and recognizing and defusing your own frustration.  

Conscious Fathering™ class is about creating your own individual blueprint for fatherhood.

And Kevin knows how to get even more support, if he needs it. He connected with his class instructor, who provided him with a list of resources.

Do you know an expectant Dad? Tell him about our Conscious Fathering™ class. It’s where new dads find answers.

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