Laptops and Hotspots are Lifelines – Building Connections Through Technology

Our Parent Trust Technology Access Program meant that early in the pandemic, Deattra, a mom in Clark County, was able to take our new parent classes before the birth of her youngest child.

“I think that it’s a great program. I feel blessed that I was able to get in when I did. I wish that this was around when I had my other kids because it would have helped me make different decisions than what I did in the past,” says Deattra. 

Laptops and hotspots are lifelines.  Online services have the potential to overcome barriers caused by geography, weather, work schedules and language differences.  But only if we can bring every family online.

Parent Trust’s Technology Access Program is an innovation started during the pandemic, when so many parents told us they had no way to access our online programs or other basic community supports. 

We started providing laptops and hotspots to families in our parenting classes and groups.  Families keep the equipment and their vital connection to the online world.

“I’m still using it. I’m taking other classes. I’m signing up for whatever I can,” Deattra says.
Our Technology Access Program has brought our classes and parenting support to new moms in substance addiction treatment centers, families facing serious medical conditions, families in remote rural areas and to families in temporary housing.

By making sure that families can get online to attend our new parent classes and our support groups, no matter where they live in Washington State, we are meeting families where they are, when they need us.  Babies can’t wait. Kids can’t wait. Families can’t wait.

Over the past two years, this program has received funding from the Employees Community Fund of Boeing Puget Sound, the Norman Archibald Foundation, the Washington State Department of Children, Youth and Families, and from our individual donors. Parent Trust is so grateful to all our funding partners for their ongoing support.

Together, we can keep kids safe and families strong!

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