Listening To Parents

Listening To Parents – It’s How We Keep Families Together

Real solutions start with listening. Your support gives us the time to hear the voices of our families. And to customize our resources to their needs.

Sometimes that voice is a parent at the end of his rope; like Aaron, a dad who worked through all the details of creating a parenting plan for his daughter. He had one hurdle left – finding a parenting class to fit his travel-intensive work schedule.

By the time Aaron called the Family Help Line, he was already worried he was going to have to choose between his daughter and his job.

He’d made so many calls and found no answers.

Our Parent Coach listened to Aaron. She had a list of classes that might work. And she encouraged him to call back. Aaron says, “I felt like she really wanted to help me.”

And Aaron did call back. He left a message of thanks but said nothing seemed to fit his schedule or his budget. It wasn’t going to work out for him. Or for his daughter.

He was astounded when our Parent Coach called him back. She found a way to make it work – one of our Parent Group Facilitators agreed to create and teach a custom four-week parenting class just for him.

“I couldn’t believe it,” says Aaron, “Do these people really care this much?”

Listening. Caring. Responding.

These are the vital elements of every Parent Trust program – the classes, programs, and parent groups we offer are all responses to real needs – voiced by our families and caregivers.

Sometimes it’s simple. Register for a class. Make an appointment for a developmental screening. But sometimes it takes a bit more – like it did for Aaron. And your support gives us the ability to respond with that more – the custom class, the scholarship, the in-person session with the parent coach.

Your support breaks down the barriers that keep parents from succeeding.

Aaron completed his classes and at their last meeting and gave his instructor, Ali, a beautiful farmers market basket. He also sent the entire staff a thank-you letter. He’s determined to pay it forward. Because just like you, he really does care that much!

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