Worth More Than A Thousand Words

This Picture is Worth So Much More

Eli is a handful.

At 20 months, he’s full of energy and determination. Like every mom, his mother has questions, parenting dilemmas. She’s here for a developmental screening because we help her find solutions.

Our screenings are free for all families.

This is your generosity in action. You are the one helping Eli’s mom.

Every screening we do is  a snapshot of an individual child. That child – as he is today.  This is Eli’s third screening. Last time he was here, we determined he needed speech therapy.

Mom reports that therapy is making a big difference.

Everyone is less frustrated and seeing improvement in Eli’s ability to communicate. Today Mom’s questions are about tantrums.

And she wants to talk about using the word “No.” with her son. At our screenings listening to the parents is just as important as completing the formal evaluation.

Our screener lets Mom know it’s OK to say no. And talks about how to use that important word in a way that will ensure it is saved for high priority situations. Mom is relieved. A huge amount of stress is already alleviated.

Our approach allows Mom to leave her test anxiety at the door. She’s playing with her child, along with a professional who provides instant feedback and customized parent coaching.

Because of you, Mom walks out the door ready for the next stages in Eli’s life.

Parent Trust offers free screenings for all children between 1 month and 5/12 years. Call our Child & Teen Services Manager at 206 233 0156, ext. 225 or email mport@parenttrust.org for an appointment or more information. Developmental Screenings

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