Ellenos Yogurt Is A Win For Families

Ellenos Strawberry Shortcake Yogurt: a $5000 Win for Families

Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt >> recently brought the warmth and joy of summer back to Parent Trust with a donation of $5000. This generous gift stems directly from the sales of their summer flavor contest winner, Strawberry Shortcake.

ellenos yogurt
This donation means more scholarships to our classes, more one-on-one parent coaching, more developmental screenings. More support for parents and families. We are so grateful to Ellenos – and to Marcie Cheung, our longtime supporter and the creator of the winning flavor.

Marcie, who writes the popular family travel blog, Marcie in Mommyland >> named Parent Trust as her flavor beneficiary when she entered the Ellenos’ contest. Marcie’s professional mission is to help parents realize that travel with children is not only possible, but that it can be fun and rewarding.

Marcie discovered Parent Trust as a new mom when she signed up for our Developmental Screening program.

“I learned so much at Owen’s first screening,” says Marcie. “It’s not just, ‘is my child on track.’ For me, it was also realizing all he was capable of and figuring out how to help him get there.”

Marcie has been coming back ever since – with Owen, and now with her younger son, Hugo.

Marcie says every screening appointment gives her new ideas or activities to try. “I always leave feeling comforted and supported, with a better picture of my son,” she says.

Marcie wants that for every parent. That’s why she supports Parent Trust. And why she wanted us to benefit from her entry in the Ellenos contest. She even made a Facebook video >> , promoting Strawberry Shortcake and explaining why she supports Parent Trust. We couldn’t ask for a better advocate.

Marcie is also a long time Ellenos customer and follows the company on social media, where she learned about the contest last year. Her husband works near the Ellenos location in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood, just a few miles from Parent Trust and frequently brings Ellenos home as a family treat.

Ellenos’ co-founder, Alex Apostolopoulos says that the contest was huge success:

“Strawberry Shortcake was by far the breakout flavor of the summer for us, and we’re honored to see the proceeds going to a charity that supports families right here in our own community.”

Thank you to Marcie and Ellenos Real Yogurt for your support. We are delighted that you are part of the Parent Trust family.

Parent Trust offers free developmental screenings for children between 2 month and 5 years.

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