Parent Leader Chesiko

Creating A New Future Together – Chesiko’s Story

Chesiko says that all she learned and the relationships she built in Parent Trust’s Families in Recovery group changed her life in ways she never expected. She uses the practical parenting skills every day. But what she learned also helped her heal past trauma and despair.

We are honored to share Chesiko’s story with you.

This is why you support Parent Trust

All of our programs are dedicated to preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs.) Chesiko is stopping the cycle of ACEs passing from parent to child, generation to generation.

The hard work Chesiko does every day, her determination to create a good life for her son –she embodies our conviction that every parent wants to be the best they can be for their child.

Parents Supporting Parents – It Works.

As a Parent Trust Parent Leader, Chesiko has inspired and supported so many others. “We work together, and we learn from each other,” she says about her parenting group.

Today, Chesiko is a Parent Trust ACE Prevention Leader. Other parents see her as an inspiration. When she speaks at our events, you can hear a pin drop. We are lucky she is a part of our family, and grateful for her support.

Photo of Chesiko, Parent Leader in Families in Recovery Program

Chesiko is helping other parents heal. This is how we break the cycle of inter-generational trauma.

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