Strong Women Creating Strong Families

Over the holidays the Women’s University Club of Seattle Foundation raised $3000 for our Families in Recovery program.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had reason to thank them.

Chesiko, a Families in Recovery Parent Leader, is a past recipient of the Foundation’s Transitional Scholarship, which allowed her to pursue a college education.

Our designation as the Foundation’s  2018 holiday charity allows us to bring more support and vital parent-child bonding experiences to families struggling with addiction and recovery.

Parents come into our groups believing no one cares about them, or their kids. A gift like this proves otherwise.

It provides kids’ art supplies, a group trip to the zoo, and parent safety training in things like infant CPR and age-appropriate baby and child proofing.

It shows that The Women’s University Club of Seattle members are rooting for families. Their support makes  a big difference year-round. Just like yours!

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