COP Children’s Groups

The Children’s Group is designed to be a safe, supportive, accepting place for children whose parents are attending one of our Circle of Parents® Parent Groups.

While getting a brief respite from each other, the entire family can still share in a healthy, positive experience.

Benefits of a Circle of Parents® Children’s Group

The Children’s Group is structured to provide a healthy environment of support. The focus is on providing opportunities for children to:

  • Increase social competence skills like friendship building, decision making and stress management.
  • Build relationships with positive, adult role models.
  • Have fun!

Starting a Children’s Group

For Circle of Parents® partner agencies:

If your Circle of Parents® Parent Group is interested in providing care for the children whose parents are attending the Parent Group, we can help. Parent Trust for Washington Children provides FREE:

  • Children’s Group staff and volunteer training
  • Administrative/Supervisory training
  • Training materials
  • Ongoing technical assistance
  • Outcomes evaluation consultations
  • Quality assurance consultations

… for any Washington State agency with a Circle of Parents® Parent Group.

Non-Circle of Parents® collaborators:

Parent Trust is committed to efforts to raise quality in all children’s programming. Parent Trust’s Child & Teen Services can provide consultation services for non-Circle of Parents® agencies wanting to develop or enhance existing childcare or group programming for children. Depending on the details, this may be a fee-for-service; however, alternate arrangements may be possible.

Please contact our Child & Teen Services Manager for more information.

Becca VanHorne, MSW
Child & Teen Services Manager
206-233-0156 ext. 225