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Changing the trajectory of fatherhood one dad at a time.

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More than just basic baby care, this program prepares men for those precious first few months of baby’s life. Sample topics include:

  • How will I know when my baby is hungry?
  • How much rest does my baby need?
  • What will I do when they cry (and they will!) and how will I soothe them?

This 3-hour course provides a hands on overview of baby’s basic needs, including the things every parent needs to know, and how to build a solid relationship with your child from the very first day. Not only do dads learn how to meet baby’s needs, they learn a framework for solid fathering through all of their child’s ages and stages.

This program provides men an opportunity to learn their newborn’s 5 basic needs, to learn how babies communicate, and how to not only meet their baby’s needs but to anticipate them.

Since 1999, expectant and new fathers have been getting a lot more out of those first precious moments with their children because of their experience in our Conscious Fathering program.

Primarily a hospital based program, Conscious Fathering empowers new fathers to build a partnership with mom in caring for and nurturing their children, from the very first day.

Conscious Fathering classes are taught by experienced dads with a passion for fatherhood and teaching.

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It’s tough to be a real partner in parenting if you don’t know much about babies.

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Bernie Dorsey is the founder of the Conscious Fathering, the largest program for the new and expectant father in Washington State and second largest in the Nation. Bernie developed the program out of a need for classes devoted to dads and the knowledge that it is impossible to be a competent partner in caring for a new baby if you know little or nothing about infants. Among his many accolades, Bernie was the recipient of the Governor’s Award for Advocacy of Child Abuse Prevention in 2002 and in 2004 received official commendation from the National Center for Fathering for his work to strengthen fathers and families. Bernie has served as PTSA president, is the father of one son and the uncle of many children in his immediate family and to those in his community.