Great Starts Class FAQs

How to register


Scholarships are available for all classes for those who need them. Call (206)789-0883 for details.

Apple Health/Molina/Provider One

We can accept Apple Health/Molina/Provider One cards for all multi-week birth preparation series.

Payment Plans

Our registration system is not structured for payment plans, so full payment is due at the time of pre-registration; however, scholarship are available to those who need them (contact Registration staff for more info).

Military Family Discounts

A 5% discount is available for any class or series for the immediate family member(s) of an individual in active military duty. Please call (206)789-0883 when registering to ask for the discount.

Transferring to a New Class

If your schedule changes and you need to transfer, call us as soon as possible at (206)789-0883, or send email to  

Transfer fees apply.

For single session classes and any Babysafe class: There will be a $10 transfer fee for requests received more than 5 business days from class start date. For transfer requests made 5 business days or less before class start date, 50% of the class registration cost will be added as a transfer fee (not exceeding $40).

For multi-session classes: If you notify us more than 5 business days in advance of series start date, there is a $20 administrative transfer fee. If it is 5 business days or less in advance of series start date, $40 fee.

Cancellation/Refunds: you must notify us for a refund

Cancellation fees apply, but we can usually refund any remaining balance to the credit card on which the original payment was made, or we can apply the refund amount to a new registration if you select another class to take.

For single session classes (and any Babysafe class):

  • More than 5 business days before class start date, we will refund your payment minus a $10 cancellation fee
  • 5 business days or less: 50% of the class fee will be refunded.
  • If the class already occurred, we cannot issue a refund for a missed class.

For multi-session classes:
*Note: reunions are complementary and not included in any refund calculations.

  • If the multi-session series has already started, your refund will be pro-rated based on the number of classes that have occurred and the length of time scheduled for the individual class, plus the cost of an administration fee.

Illness/Emergencies/Make-up Session

If you were sick or experiencing an emergency and needed to miss one session of the class you can make up a missed class in another session. Please contact our registrars, and we’ll help you work out a plan to make up a missed class.  (206) 789-0883 or

Class Ratios

Ratios vary from class to class.

  • The minimum number for a class is typically 3-4 registrations (most registrations include two people, such as two parents or a pregnant parent and a support person).
  • The maximum number is typically 8-13 registrations (18 for Valley Medical Center in Renton, or 16 for Penny Simkin’s birth series at the Center for Strong Families on Rainier Ave S, Seattle).

Private Classes

Great Starts offers private classes for individuals with medical reasons that impede them from attending regular classes (such as prescribed bed rest or diagnosed severe anxiety, etc).

Because the class is offered one-on-one and is customized to your specific needs, the class typically takes much less time than a group class. For example, an instructor might be able to cover the necessary content of a labor and birth class in 3 hours, or a breastfeeding class in one hour, depending on your needs.

To learn more about pricing or to arrange a private class, please contact our registrar at (206)789-0883 or email to

  • Our staff will then check with instructors who are most suited to your needs to see who is available.
  • The instructor will contact you; you’ll find a mutually agreeable time, and a mutually agreeable location (typically in your home).
  • The instructor will also discuss with you what information you would like her to cover during the session, so she can ensure that your needs are met.