Clock Mini

This technique is a quick, in-the-moment one that you can use to help settle your mind before a test, conversation, or anytime you need to distract your mind from worries quickly.

  • Wait until the second hand passes the twelve.
  • When it reaches the 1 second notch, start counting backwards, to yourself, from 59.
  • For every second that passes, continue to count down from 59. 58. 57. 56. Etc.
  • When the second hand reaches the notch just before the 12, you should be at the “1” count.

If your mind wanders while you are doing this exercise, just notice that it’s wandered.

Say to yourself, “oh, well.” Then pick up wherever the second hand is when you stopped, or just start anywhere with your count.

You can repeat this exercise as often as needed.

By focusing on counting backwards, you are able to clear his mind of worrying. When you are done counting you can pay attention to the task in front of you with a clear mind.

To make this work even better: try to coordinate your breathing to the count. Breathe in every 5 seconds and breathe out every 5 seconds.  It doesn’t actually matter how long you breathe in or out, it’s just another thing to focus your attention and calm you down.

Try it for 1-3 minutes before you start your conversation/test/task. See is this relaxation mini can help you!